Breast Augmentation and Recovery Times


With increasing demand for breast augmentation, researchers are trying methods to reduce the breast augmentation recovery time, to suit modern busy schedules. Some of the factors determining the recovery time of a patient may depend on age, skin type and the medical conditions and techniques used for the surgery. “It may take a few months before complete activity can be resumed, depending on the patient’s lifestyle,” says Dr. Adams, a popular Tampa Bay plastic surgeon.

If a patient has greater risk factors for breast augmentation, the doctor may suggest a more cautious and lengthier breast augmentation recovery period. Since breast augmentation surgery in Tampa was first introduced, the procedure has become safer and more advanced, allowing aesthetically pleasing outcomes with much faster recovery time.

recovery after surgeryThe patients are prescribed a lot of rest and limited body movements to speed up the recovery time. It is suggested that a patient apply ice packs to the chest area on the day of the surgery and take complete rest during the first 48 hours after the surgery. If the implant is positioned under the muscle, the breast augmentation recovery period may be longer, as more incisions are required during the surgery. If the implants are placed over the muscle, women can possibly return to work within a week’s time and may require a further 3-4 days time if positioned under the muscle. Young women generally have a shorter breast augmentation recovery period.

Patients should sleep in an upright position and avoid sleeping on their stomach for at least the first two weeks following breast surgery (learn more here). Wearing a support or compression garment to improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, keep implants in their proper position and speed up the healing process.

Sometimes surgeons opt for stitches that are absorbed. Stitches that have to be removed are taken off within a week’s time. If the patient’s routine work involves heavy lifting, strain and tremendous physical activity, certain restrictions are compulsory.

Waxing Versus Laser Hair Removal


hair removalWhen it comes to unwanted body and facial hair, there seems like a million and one ways to try and be rid of it. Traditional methods include such things as bleaching, shaving, removing creams, threading, and waxing. While the first items are fairly common place, waxing is one that people do both at home and specialty centers. In addition to medical or spa grade waxing, Tampa laser hair removal is another medical option for getting rid of unwanted hairs. Though, there is a bit of an eternal debate over which is the best method of removing hair. The following is a comparison between waxing and laser hair removal.


Professional waxing is a relatively quick process but it can be extremely painful. A waxy substance is applied to the hairy area and is then quickly ripped away. It rips hairs out at the roots and leave skin smooth for weeks. Some patients, especially those with extremely sensitive skin, can experience adverse reactions that include redness, swelling and rash. It may days a few days to a week to recover from a single session. It is however, significantly cheaper for each session and requires no real down time after it is done.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is more expensive than waxing, and depending on the individual’s body, may take between 6 to 8, sometimes more, treatments to achieve optimal results. However, unlike waxing and other forms of hair removal, laser hair removal can become permanent. The treatments are spread out over a few months, but each treatment permanently kills off a portion of the follicles treated. Over time, with repeated sessions, all of the follicles are killed off. For those who have excessive hair, or wish to be rid of the repeatedly painful and annoying processes of regular waxing and shaving, laser hair removal is a viable alternative. One option we didn’t touch on which we will in a future piece is Electrolysis which is a new popular form of permanent hair removal from the body. Stay tuned!

Increasing complaints arising from the use of stryker hip implants


Over the recent months, a lot of cases had been filed against the manufacturers of the stryker hip implants primarily because of the losses associated with the use of these implants. Various Stryker lawsuits claimed that the implants were defective because of the various complications that appeared after these devices had been implanted on patients.

The claim made by the complainants hinges primarily on the level of performance of these hip implants. In support of their claims, plaintiffs emphasize the implants’ tendency to corrode and fret. One consumer justice attorney even made an allegation in behalf of his client that the company providing such implants even made misrepresentations on the effectiveness and reliability of the implants. It was alleged that the manufacturer made a false claim that it was the perfect implant for the younger patient group that made orthopedists and surgeons to believe that it was the best available implant in the market.

As it turned out, the implant soon corroded and deteriorated after it was implanted on the patient’s hip. The rise in toxicity resulting from the corrosion turned out to be very detrimental to the patients because it triggered permanent and serious bone and tissue destructions. The FDA had said that metal toxicity can lead to serious and debilitating effects such as thyroid problems, renal dysfunctions, skin rashes as well as enlargement of the heart.

Other complaints against the stryker hip implant also allege that the manufacturers had a total disregard on the safety of the patients for its failure to properly warn patients and surgeons on the risks and complications associated with the use of this particular metal implant.

Although thee manufacturers claim otherwise, their actions subsequent to the complaints speak otherwise. In fact, their stryker hip recall is just proof that indeed the implants have unfavorable effects. Why would the manufacturers pull out the implants in the market if the implants are indeed safe to the patients? This is an act that is against their interests and no other proof may be asked to show that indeed the stryker hip implants indeed have problems.

If you are one of the thousands of patients who used this type of implant, I guess it is best that consultation with a consumer justice attorney is proper. In this way, you will know your rights as a patient and a victim of these toxic metal implants.

The Human Kidney – Function and Role


Humans have two kidneys located at the lower portion of both sides of the back, just above the waistline. The kidneys are vital human organs that perform some of the critical functions of the human body. The kidneys play significant roles in maintaining homeostasis inside the human body.

kidney overviewFirst, it cleans the blood by removal of waste and excess fluid. The kidneys remove some of the by-products of the blood which are of no use for the body. Some wastes are produced from the blood after the digestion process, exercise or physical activity and chemical exposure or after taking medicines.

It also plays a vital role in maintaining and regulating the blood pressure by producing the enzyme called renin. Without the enzyme, instability in one’s blood pressure can occur which can lead to other organ involvement or more serious medical conditions.

Third, the kidneys maintain the levels of minerals and salt in the blood. It will ensure that the proper balance between mineral concentration and water is always maintained. It ensures that potassium, phosphorus and sodium levels in the blood are within normal limits.

The kidneys also produce erythropoietin which is helpful in the production of red blood cells (RBC) or erythrocytes. Vitamin D which is helpful in bone development is also produced by the kidneys.

The kidney is very essential in maintaining balance within the body and any disease that may affect its functions must be given utmost attention and consideration. Consultation with your urology doctor is important as soon any sign affecting the kidney may appear. Although most kidney diseases may manifest only when there the disease is in advanced stages, a preventive checkup is very much recommended particularly for those who have greater risks of having kidney problems.

Who are at greater risk of getting kidney diseases? Older persons particularly those above 60 years are more prone of having kidney disease. Some pre-existing medical conditions also increase the risk of having kidney problems. These medical conditions include hypertension, diabetes, heart ailments, history of stroke and those whose family members have a history of renal diseases. Obesity also increases the risk of kidney disease especially individuals with a Body Mass Index or BMI of at least 30. Smoking likewise predisposes one from having problems on the kidney. If you have any of these risk factors, regular checkup even of no symptoms are felt is very much necessary. Preventing the development of kidney disease is the most basic form of management and it is also the cheapest.

Defective Medical Devices Have Injured Patients


Medical devices can help save lives and improve the quality of life for people who need them. The sad news is that not all medical devices are tested the right way before they go out onto the open market. Some medical devices have even injured patients.

med malpractice

Thousands of patients around the globe need these medical devices to lead normal lives. These products can fix health issues that take away from the quality of life. Even though state-of-the-art products continue to change the field of medical care, it’s somewhat common to hear of patients suffering serious injuries from poor medical device products.

An increasing number of patients have experienced complications with devices like knee replacements and hip replacements. Patients who are just looking for a better quality of life, patients who are sometimes unaware of the risks, are the unwitting victims of these faulty medical devices.

It is a sad truth that major medical companies speed-rush new devices to the market before researchers have sufficiently evaluated their success rates and safety in medical clinical trials.

The biggest companies involved in device manufacturing have to be held responsible for the serious life-changing effects that patients can suffer through. As a result, patients who have been implanted with these faulty devices are deciding to file lawsuits against bad device makers. The people affected say that manufacturers have a duty to ensure their products won’t hurt consumers, and patients are saying that they want compensation for their pain, suffering, and serious costs of new follow-up surgeries.

Patients are often left wondering how these devices could make it to the market in the first place. There has been a whole rash of new lawsuits against the manufacturers of these medical devices that are rushed to market.

What Are The Benefits Of Permanent Makeup?


What Is Permanent Makeup?
Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique that makes use of tattoos (not the kind you normally think of) as a means of creating designs similar to makeup, like eye-lining and other enhancing colors to the eyelids, lips, and face in general. You can also use it in the application of artificial eyebrows, especially in people that have lost them as a consequence of some illness. Permanent makeup is sometimes referred to as permanent cosmetics, derma-pigmentation, and cosmetic tattooing.

The Benefits Of Permanent Makeup
Imagine if you could wake up and just have your makeup on already. Wouldn’t that be nice? No more spending 15 minutes every morning applying makeup tediously or spending money on makeup, and all that time and money can really add up. It seems like a minor thing until you add it all up.

You also won’t have to take time out of a busy day to apply more makeup. Women who want to look beautiful without all the fuss choose permanent makeup. Skin care clinics like Skin NV in Tampa offer this exact service.

Permanent eyeliner can give more definition to faded lashes. It doesn’t smear – not ever, and it is perfect for professional athletes, people who wear contact lenses, and women who hate that their makeup always smudges on them.

Permanent makeup for your lips is the ideal solution for women who want to get up everyday with a wonderful-looking lip color that doesn’t bleed. The objective is to get an enhancement of their own color, like when they were younger and had just the right color that they probably kept trying to recreate over and over again with impermanent makeup.

Beautifully shaped eyebrows can make your eyes look nicer and make people notice your cheekbones. They are sort of like a gorgeous frame enhancing the beauty of a beautiful painting.

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What Is Medical Malpractice?


Medical MalpracticeMedical malpractice lawsuits have been increasing in the medical and legal community. In fact, a lot of new doctors have to pay upwards of $200,000 a year in medical malpractice insurance, which is driving a lot of them out of the medical field. You’ll find a lot of ex-doctors working as businessmen, car salesmen, and even consultants. Sometimes, medical malpractice lawsuits are very necessary, but other times, they are frivolous and get tossed out of court. Sometimes, innocent doctors suffer due to overzealous lawyers that sue them when they’re not at fault.

What Exactly Is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice is the technical term for professional negligence by a healthcare provider in which the treatment falls well below the accepted standard of practice, and either causes death or injury to the patient, with a lot of cases involving medical errors. The rules, regulations, and standards for medical malpractice are different by country and even within the same country. Medical professionals usually have to get professional liability insurance to deal with the increasing practice of medical malpractice lawsuits. The costs and risk of lawsuits are just too high not to carry medical malpractice insurance.

What Are The Statistics Like On Medical Malpractice?

A recent study estimated that up to 400,000 people die annually in hospitals alone. Less than 25% of care occurs in hospitals. If you look at all care settings, the numbers are a lot higher.

Roughly 15,000-19,000 medical malpractice suits are brought against medical doctors annually.


The damages that the plaintiff can get include punitive and compensatory damages. Compensatory damages are both non-economic and economic. Economic damages can include life care expenses, medical expenses, and lost wages. The damages can be assessed for losses in the past and future. Non-economic damages can also be assessed for psychological and physical harm.